Connect the American Water Broom to an ordinary hose and save Time, Money, and Water! The Water Broom quickly and efficiently cleans any well-drained surface in about one-fifth the time and uses about one-tenth the water of a hose alone. Turns ordinary tap water into a high pressure, highly maneuverable line of water that cleans quickly and easily, leaving a fast-drying surface behind. American Water Brooms have almost no moving parts. Compared to sweepers, pressure washers or vacuums, repairs and upkeep is almost non-existant. The Water Broom also removes small, abrasive dirt and dust that sweepers and vacuums miss.


Heavy Duty Industrial Water Brooms
Our model C4 Water Brooms are the very best on the market for commercial and industrial use. All C4 American Water Brooms are designed to take more than rough handling. They withstand normal industrial use. C4-7 is 3 feet wide and works on normal water pressure-just ordinary tap water. Comes complete, ready to connect to standard garden hose. This size and model is our most popular.

The C4-7 - Standard of Industry for 40 Years!

*All Heavy Duty, swivel casters have: steel yokes, rubber wheels, a full set of ball bearings above and below the swivel, and a hard inner bearing on the axle - facing surface of the wheel. Each caster's capacity is a minimum of 3 times the weight of the entire water broom.
C4-7... 3 feet wide: shipping weight: 13 lbs. $239.50

5 JET - 2 FT. WIDE
Best for use inside and in other confined or obstructed areas and for combined use inside and outside; also helpful where pressure is low.
C4-5... 2 feet wide: shipping weight: 12 lbs. $234.50

8 JET - 3.5 FT. WIDE
Works on normal water pressure. Improved design produces a 3.5 foot cleaning path.
C4-8... 3.5 feet wide: shipping weight: 14 lbs. $249.50

10 JET - 4 FT. WIDE
Excellent for large areas; however, requires higher than normal pressure: 80-100 P.S.I. min.
C4-10... 4 feet wide: shipping weight: 16 lbs. $259.50

Heavy Duty Industrial Aluminum Water Brooms
Essentially the same as C4 Water Brooms, except made of heavy-duty aluminum instead of steel. Aluminum will not rust but does not have the strength of steel.

C4-5AT... 2 feet wide: shipping weight: 6 lbs. $244.50

C4-7AT... 3 feet wide: shipping weight: 7 lbs. $249.50

C4-8AT... 3.5 feet wide: shipping weight: 8 lbs. $259.50

C4-10AT... 4 feet wide: shipping weight: 10 lbs. $269.50

High Pressure Water Brooms - Stainless Steel
This efficient unit connects to your Pressure Washer, replaces the pressure washer wand, and cleans a full 2 ft. or 3 ft. wide path, depending on the model. High Pressure Water Brooms do not increase the pressure from the pressure washer but take the full force of the pressure directly onto the surface being cleaned. Swivel casters provide easy movement and maueuverability and keep the nozzles about 3 inches from the point of impact.

High Pressure Water Brooms:

  • Cut - by 1/2 to 2/3 - the time to clean any relatively flat surface
  • Eliminate fatigue from bending over to get close to the floor, walkway, etc.
  • Eliminate pressure loss from the wand to the floor, wall, or other surface
  • Maintain a constant (approx. 3 inch) distance from point of emission to point of impact
  • Produce a uniform appearance
  • Promote efficient, pattern cleaning

Orders must include the EXACT pressure and flow rate (P.S.I. & G.P.M.) of the Pressure washer to which the High Pressure Water Broom will be attached.

Homeowners Water Brooms
Special Heavy-Duty Squirt Deluxe - Model A5
High quality aluminum construction with brass valve and hose fittings, brass nozzles and heavy-duty swivel casters make this the very best homeowner model.

Assembly Required
Model A-5... 2.5 feet wide:
shipping weight: 5 lbs. $179.50

L'il Squirt - Model LK-6
A very well-designed and constructed light-weight plastic water broom. Made of a heavy-gauge, very durable, ultraviolet resistant polymer with 6 removable plastic nozzles and convenient swivel valve. Connects easily to ordinary hose, produces the same high pressure from ordinary tap water as heavier models. This is a durable water broom for home use but is not recommended for commercial or industrial applications. No warranty in business use.

Assembly Required
LK-6... 2.5 feet wide:
shipping weight: 4 lbs. $99.95

L'il Squirt - Model LK-4
The same construction and reliability as the LK-6, but with 4 removable plastic nozzles and convenient swivel valve. Connects easily to ordinary hose, produces the same high pressure from ordinary tap water as heavier models. This is a durable water broom for home use but is not recommended for commercial or industrial applications. No warranty in business use.

Assembly Required
LK-4... 24" wide:
shipping weight: 4 lbs. $89.95

The UNDERCAR Water Broom!
Washes the underside of a vehicle easily and conveniently. Reaches everything touched by salt from the road. Also removes mud and dirt that holds corrosion-causing moisture. Ideal for cars, pickups, mini vans, step vans, RVs, campers, and most delivery vehicles.

Assembly Required
UC2-6... 36" wide:
shipping weight: 15 lbs. $399.50

Heavy Duty Industrial Hose with Truc-Proof Fittings
American Water Brooms do not require a special hose. We offer the following hoses because they carry more water than the more common 5/8" hoses, are very heavy-duty, are the right kind of hose for commercial or industrial use and each is an excellent value. They are strong enough for us to warranty them against failure for one year in their normal use, which is often in a driveway where they are run over by cars and delivery trucks. To our knowledge, such a warranty on hoses is available nowhere else. A similar warranty applies to our rugged, Truc-Proof hose couplings. We guarantee that they will not be crushed by cars or trucks running over them. (One year limited warranty on all hoses.)

Heavy-Duty Hose - Model R-321
Standard hose for practically every industrial and commercial application that uses normal pressure and temperature.

R-321 Hose... 3/4" I.D. X 75 feet long: shipping weight: 29 lbs. $209.50

High Pressure or High Temperature Hose - Model RH-43
This hose will handle up to 250 P.S.I. working pressure OR 212 degrees F. water but is NOT recommended for combined high pressure AND high temperature and is not for use with steam.

RH-43 Hose... 3/4" I.D. X 75 feet long: shipping weight: 30 lbs. $219.50

Because of varying conditions in water pressure, geographical layout of water supply, method of water delivery, and municipal water codes, it is strongly recommended that you consult with us personally if you are unsure of the type of waterbroom needed.
Please call us at 800-241-6565 to place an order, or Send Email with questions or for consultation.

All American Water Brooms are sold with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, please return it to your supplier, with proof of purchase, within 30 days for a full credit or refund.
All American Water Broom industrial models carry a limited warranty of 1 to 5 years on the various parts. Warranties on homeowner models are from 90 days to 3 years. Most warranties are against failure-not limited to manufacturing defects. Details are included with each unit.
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